The Colorado Sound S9|EP12 MARCH 2015

There are days when all you can do is laugh to keep from crying.  Right?  LOL.  Last Sunday it was an ER trip due to a “fainting” spell.  Last Monday it was an ER trip due to me taking a header off my bicycle.  The bike and I are on a bit of a respite until my physical therapist clears me to ride again.

What saved the week, and took my mind off my sorely sprained rib muscles was the 5 hours I spent with my friend Hazel Miller, who will be April’s featured guest on Offstage …Beyond the Music – and then dinner and some honky tonk with Casey Prestwood & the Burning Angels at the Park House in Denver – John Macy, this month’s OSBTM guest on pedal steel of course.

Hazel is a vibrant, funny, passionate, and compassionate soul with a heart big enough to cover all of us in her love.  2015 marks Hazel’s 30th year of making music in Colorado and over 20 years as a de facto member of Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  That’s one hell of a legacy … and with a new album on the way before year’s end and a lot of shows it’s going to be a great year for one of our most beloved entertainers (and friends). Editing down that 5 hours is going to be a chore, I swear.


For all the talk around the scene that the sisters have plugged in and added some “snap crackle and pop” to their sound, they give us one of the finest acoustic cuts of their career.


The Czars “Paint the Moon” from Goodbye (2004)
Reed Foehl “When It Comes Around” from Spark (2004)
Cary Morin “Tiny Town” from Tiny Town (2015)
Todd Adelman “Long Arm of the Law” from Highways & Lowways (2015)
OneRepublic “Something I Need” from Native (2013)
Megan Burtt “Better (w/the Epilogues)” from In Good Company (2013)
Mercury Project “On to You” from on to you (2007)
Esme Patterson “Tumbleweed” from Woman To Woman (2014)
Petals of Spain “I Gotta Know” from Soul Canon (2013)
The Apples in Stereo “Stephen Stephen” from Electronic Projects for Musicians (2008)
The River Arkansas “A Place to Rest” from Golden Light (2015)The Mitguards “Lookin’ for Something True” from Something True (2009)
Haunted Windchimes “Wanderin’ Heart” from Out With The Crow (2012)
Bill Frisell “Telstar” from Guitar In the Space Age (2014)


Rare Silk “Up From the Skies” from American Eyes (1985)
The Samples “My Town” from Samples (1990)
(D) Fox St. “Something About You” [single] (2015)Leftover Salmon “Bluegrass Pines” from High Country (2015)
Michael Martin Murphey “Wildfire” from Blue Sky Night Thunder (1975)
Jon Chandler “I’m Going Home” from Sepia Soul (2002)
(D) SHEL “Please Come Home” from The Lab Sessions (2015)
(D) Toad In the Hole “Drifting” from Wallflower (2015)Peter Sommer “The Fruit” from Crossroads (2008)

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BREAKING NEWS – Oskar Blues & Cervantes Hook Up

Scott Morrill and Hunt Frye (Cervantes, Arise Festival, Sonic Bloom) have assumed talent buying duties for Oskar Blues in Lyons and Longmont, according to a phone call this morning from current talent buyer Dave McIntyre.

Dave has been booking Oskar Blues for over a decade, and had hoped to do so for another two years before retiring.  He’s also a fixture in Lyons, where he’s lived for over 30 years.

Scott Morrill is the owner and main talent buyer for Cervantes in Denver.  He and Hunt have also produced shows in other regional venues, including the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Hodi’s Half Note, and the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins.  They also manage and book for Octopus NebulaYamnTatanka, and Mikey Thunder and music festivals the Arise Festival and Sonic Bloom.

I spoke with Scott on the phone this afternoon.  He said they will be booking shows beginning in May.  April and half of May have been booked already according to Dave McIntyre.

This represents what will undoubtedly be a sea-change in what OB sounds like across the board.  Originally well known for booking some of the top blues acts in the region since they started doing music about 1999/2000, the original Lyons location has earned a reputation for world class regional bluegrass and Americana the past six or so years.

Homemade Liquids and Solids, the Oskar Blues flagship restaurant and music room in Longmont, has hosted live bands for over five years on Friday and Saturday nights and acoustic solo/duos on Thursday and Sunday evenings.  A popular bluegrass jam is hosted by Bonnie and Taylor Sims on Sunday  12-3 .  Several popular regional bands have performed there, including the Yawpers, Mosey West, Brian McCrae, Fox St, the Congress, Johnny O Band, the Delta Sonics, the Blue Canyon Boys, and Bonnie & the Clydes.

Also included in the list of rooms belonging to the OB family – the Tasty Weasel (brew pub), CHUBurger, and CYCLhops.  All three rooms feature acoustic solo/duo acts ranging from Danny Shafer to various members of the Monocle Band, Finnders & Youngberg, the Delta Sonics, as well as Longmont locals and regulars, The Prairie Scholars.  OB rooms have accounted for significant parts of the incomes of some of these folks.

This marks the second time this year that a major change in booking has occurred in Longmont.  Dicken’s Opera House took on a new talent buyer just a few months ago.  There is no word yet on how the change at OB will affect those who have been playing those rooms the past several years.  Knowing the kinds of acts Scott and Hunt are known for booking it looks to be a pretty good dose of the same.

Booking email will be


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the misadventures of goat and Colorado music of course

20150317_074755Sunday I experienced a “fainting” spell while out on a 20 mile bike ride that landed me in the ER (by ambulance).  Monday I experienced a broken thumb and bruised ribs while out on a 15 mile bike ride that landed me in the ER (I drove myself).  On both days I did not make it more than 3.5 miles into my ride.  I blame the weather for getting me too excited.  Along the way I talked about music – Colorado music – with those who attended to me.

Every person I spoke with was between 25 and 50 yrs old.  With a few notable exceptions no one knew any of the current crop of bands making “headlines” regionally.  Yeah, everyone knew BHTM was from here … and a couple of folks knew about OneRepublic and the Fray, but beyond that there were generally blank stares and “I don’t go out very often” comments.

Broadcast radio and Pandora were the sources for music – not any other source was mentioned.  I did of course let everyone know they could listen to Colorado music online at The Colorado Sound Live365 … need to remember to keep business cards in my pocket though so I don’t have to write down the url everytime …

While suffering through all of this (i did a lot of maniacal laughing actually …esp thinking about the medical bills to follow) I was graced with a private listen to the new Megan Burtt album coming out this August.  I won’t spoil the fun, but this one will leave you with a huge grin, shaking your head at just how amazingly talented my friend truly is.  Of course hard core fans know this already.

Happy to report this morning that Richie Furay’s new album “Hand In Hand,” that I’ve been playing on the show since last summer, will finally be released to the general public on March  31.  It is currently the  #1 most added album at Americana radio nationally – though no word yet on whether those folks servicing the record to radio actually even know we have radio in Colorado … more on that to follow in the days and weeks ahead.

While checking out the Americana Music Association radio airplay charts I noticed the latest Leftover Salmon release, High Country, at #21  – down from #18 LW and 19 the week before.

Well, off to the doctor to assess the damages … I’ll be sure to let folks know where to tune in for Colorado music … hope you’ll do the same today.

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The Colorado Sound S9|EP11

7PM Sunday night.  Just got home from the ER at Longmont United Hospital.  Went for a bike ride at noon.  I wound up being taken by ambulance to the ER after passing out at a local Dairy Queen, where I stopped for a minute to go to the men’s room.  Fortunately it was something the dr called vaso vasil (?) .. not a cardiac problem (apparently the symptoms are the same?) as was told to me in the ambulance – basically it was a fainting spell.  A few hours in the ER … a nice nap .. some IV fluids and I’m back to being goat.  I’ll be trying this ride again on Monday.

Sometimes it takes awhile for a hit to emerge.  In classic rock history it was “Dream On” from Aerosmith’s first album (my favorite non-Colorado American rock and roll band from my youth). The album came out in 73.  The hit emerged in 76.

This week I debuted “Evil Eye” from Snake Rattle Rattle Snake.  Their latest album, “Totem,” came out in November.  Open Air has championed it since it was released.  It took a while for me to get it.   “Evil Eye” is one of this week’s new music shares along with Kramies’ “The Fate That Never Favored Us” produced by Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) and trending “hit” single “Now Leaving” from Rose Quartz.  Check em out below.

Andy Schneidkraut and I moved to Colorado at the same time – 1976. (I was stationed at Lowry AFB in Denver from SPT to DEC 1973).  In 1987, when he opened Albums on the Hill in Boulder, I was in between 99.1FM KUAD and 96.1FM KSQI in Greeley/Fort Collins.

Boulder always seemed like a different country to me.  There was never much of a reason for me to travel there from up north. The Finest Record Store in Greeley (and Fort Collins) ran a course from 1972-2008 and provided our record store fix. And we had stations like KTCL, KCSU, KYOU, and KSQI (K-Sky) when Boulder had KBCO and KGNU.  As a result, Andy and I have met only a few times in our lifetimes traveling parallel paths in our different worlds.  I admired it all from a distance.

The only thing Boulder really ever had over us was a vibrant local music scene that included many nationally famous musicians.  Tulagi and the Fox outlived venues like Sam’s Old Town Ballroom and Panama Red’s in Fort Collins, and the Library in Greeley.  .. and oh yeah, it had Caribou Ranch.  Albums On the Hill outlived the Finest … may it outlive us all.


This week’s pick is the first time for a weekly co-bill:  Andy Schneidkraut & the Richie Furay Band.

“twice an orphan” by Andy Schneidkraut from the documentary about his life, “Old Man,” by his son Dan Schneidkraut.  The film premiered in Boulder at the Dairy Center’s Boedecker Theater.  Read the whole story in Westword by Adam Perry.  I look forward to seeing it.

Richie Furay’s “Hand In Hand,” hits the streets March 31.  The first official single, “We Were the Dreamers,” is the story of his life in music.  It is also the story of our lives with him.  “Hand in Hand” has to be in the discussion that it may be the most significant and important record of Richie’s solo career. Where hits like “Kind Woman,” defined his legacy with Poco and Buffalo Springfield, “We Were the Dreamers” defines the entirety of his career, as much a love song to the friends of his youth as “Kind Woman” is to his wife of over 40 years.  Congratulations Richie, you’ve brought us another tear-jerker.  Thanks brother ;)



Sweet Water Well “Zoeology” from Watermelon (1996)
Electric Swingset “Inebriated Witchdoctor” from Inebriated Witchdoctor (1996)
(D) Sean Curtis Band “Nowhere Road” from Kind of Like Wyoming (2015)
Stephanie Pauline and Joe Uvegas “I Don’t Dance” from When the Smoke Clears (2011)
Lionel Young Band “I Feel So Good” from On Our Way to Memphis (2011)
My Body Sings Electric “New Friends” from Part 1: the Night Ends (2014)
Safe Boating is No Accident “Lover/Undercover” from Bonus Features (2014)
Chemistry Club “Miranda” from Miranda (2014)
Jeff Austin “What the Night Brings” from The Simple Truth (2015)
Big Gigantic “The Night Is Young” from The Night Is Young (2014)
Beats Noir! “Hypnotic” from 13 Tracks From the Dark Side of The Beat (2011)
(D) H2 Big Band “Lynda B” from It Could Happen (2015)


Leftover Salmon “Baby Hold On” from Euphoria (1997)
Subdudes “Papa Dukie & the Mud People” from Behind the Levee (2006)
(D) Kramies “The Fate That Never Favored Us” from The Fate That Never Favored Us (2015)
(D) Snake Rattle Rattle Snake “Evil Eye” from Totem (2014)
The Congress “Minutes” from The Congress (2010)
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “Make A Little Magic” from Certified Hits (2001)
Richard Dean “Blue Coal Miner” from Accidental Human (2015)
(N) Rose Quartz “Leaving Now” from Axis of Love (2015)

Xiren “Ship of Fools” from Trip-R (2008)
Brad Goode “All Fall Down” from Chicago Red (2013)

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The Stone Foxes, Dave Arcari, Heather Maloney, NeW bEAt FUNd join 5-day event in Austin

FORT COLLINS, Colo., March 10, 2015 — Organizers for the Colorado Music Party released the final lineup for next week’s events in Austin, adding more national and international acts with a Colorado connection to the lineup.

The Colorado Music Party will present 142 performances on two stages at The 512 on Sixth Street, the party’s home base in Austin for five consecutive days and nights of live music. National acts from both coasts, including The Stone Foxes, Heather Maloney, NeW bEAt FUNd and Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds will perform alongside up-and-coming Colorado bands such as In The Whale, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Rubedo, Inner Oceans and The Yawpers.

From Tuesday, March 17Saturday, March 21, the Colorado Music Party has scheduled 142 performances, including hundreds of musicians from Colorado, presented by Colorado Creative Industries, the Colorado Tourism Office and SpokesBUZZ, along with media and music industry partners from throughout the state.

The week’s festivities will kick off on Tuesday, March 17 with a celebration of Colorado’s commitment to creativity and innovation, presented by Colorado Innovation Network (COIN).

“From Scotland’s Dave Arcari to Austin’s Residual Kid, Colorado music industry connections extend well beyond the borders of our state,” said Dani Grant, executive director of SpokesBUZZ. “Colorado’s reputation for attracting talent, and for being a great place to experience live music — both from the perspective of bands and fans — is evidenced by the diverse lineup we’re presenting at the Colorado Music Party. The interest and enthusiasm being generated by this year’s events is unprecedented in our five years of putting Colorado culture and creativity in the spotlight in Austin. We are so proud of the story Colorado has to tell, and we’re grateful to the people from around the country that are joining us next week to share in the experience.”

Grant points out that national attention is already being attracted by the Colorado bands performing this year, such as Strawberry Runners, selected by National Public Radio for NPR’s “Austin 100″ — a list of 100 bands worth discovering in Austin during South by Southwest 2015. Strawberry Runners, from Denver, will make two appearances at the Colorado Music Party: on Wednesday, March 18 and again on Saturday, March 21.

For those Colorado music fans from around the world who won’t be in attendance in Austin, this year’s Colorado Music Party will incorporate interactive screens to display real-time social media content created by attendees throughout the event. The interactive displays will be powered by Wayin, a fast-growing Denver-based company that aggregates social media content in real-time and displays it on any screen or device.

The displays will not only show a genuine account of each day throughout the event, but will also encourage others to participate and act, ultimately creating a bigger conversation around the best of music and tech in Colorado. Participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #COmusic when sharing via social platforms.

Bands currently confirmed to play the Colorado Music Party 2015 include:

3Two, Altas, AMZY, Andy Sydow, Aspen Hourglass, Babah Fly, Ben Marshal, Better Than Bacon, Birch Street, Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir, Bonnie and the Beard, Branded Bandits, Brett Jarnagin, Bud Bronson & The Good Timers, Calder’s Revolvers, Candy Claws – Sound of Ceres, Caramel Carmela, Carson Block, Chris Dismuke, Cobary Jam, Cold River City, Cōvergeist, CRL CRRLL, Dave Arcari, David Michael Boyd, Dirty Few, Disguise the Silence, DOUBLEWIDE, Dragondeer, Edison, Eldren, Elise Wunder, Facing West, From Thin Air, Grim&Darling, Heather Maloney, High Five Hip Hop, In The Whale, Indigenous Robot, Inner Oceans, iZCALLi, Jack+Jill,, JiM ChieF, Jordan Igoe, Kind Dub, Kitty Crimes, Lisa Bell Band, Lissa Hanner, Matt Mahern and Constitution, Matt Skinner Band, Maxwell Hughes, Montoneros, NeW bEAt FUNd, No Fair Fights, OKO TYGRA, Open Space, Palace Brands, Poor Me, Post Paradise, Professor Fox’s One Man Band, Publicist UK, Qbala, Red Fox Run, Residual Kid, RipRats, Rob Drabkin, Robby Wicks Band (Acoustic Duo), Robert Cline Jr., Rocktin Grove, Rootbeer & Mermentau, Rubedo, Rumours Follow, Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts, Sarah & The Meanies, Sarah Summers, SarCa$t*, Sexy Ester, Shaley Scott Band, Shatterproof, Shelby Britton, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, Slow Caves, SPELLS, Steele & Colfax, Stella Luce, Strawberry Runners, The 14ers, The B.A.B.E.S., The Covz, The Echo Chamber, The FAMM, The Left Ready, The Lindsey Saunders Band, The LoLos, The Patti Fiasco, The Railsplitters, The Rayo Brothers, The Royal, The Seers, The Stone Foxes, The Sweet Lillies, The Yawpers, Thunderthief, Tight Thump, Travellers Music, Von Stomper, Wandering Monks, Wasteland Hop, We Are Not a Glum Lot, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Wild Wombat, Write Minded.

To RSVP to the Colorado Music Party, please visit, Colorado Creative Industries and the Colorado Tourism Office are the presenting sponsors for the 2015 Colorado Music Party. Media partners include Westword,KUNC, KRFC, and Colorado Public Radio’s OpenAir.

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The Colorado Sound S9|EP10 March 2015

broken-computer-hiIt’s that season when flu and colds hit out of the blue .. kinda like operating system failures that cannot be restored.  My main pc went down last week this time, and my laptop appeared to on Sunday when Jesse Elliott (Ark Life) and Bryce Merrill were sitting with me in my dining room discussing the music scene here regionally.  Fortunately, that blip was just that – just a minor heart attack; my pc, not so much.

Ok, so I did save 99% of my music collection on an external hard drive, and two of my 1TB cloud accounts .. but noooooo .. not a lick of five years of business files.  Live and learn, at least the music is safe.

I live to discover new music, new songs, new voices – it’s the voices I crave, the unique, the inviting, the telling … live or recorded.  I crave new musical experiences. So when the sickening feeling hit me as Windows crashed in front of me, I momentarily felt like my life was swirling along with the rest of my files – far too much music to have to think about trying to put back together. I’m happy I didn’t lose my music collection.  I really do enjoy sharing it with you on the radio here in Colorado.

New Offstage …Beyond the Music this week with award winning producer/engineer/pedal steel player John Macy.



Gary Stites “Hey, Hey” from Lonely for You (1960)
Soul Survivors (Denver) “Have It All Your Way” from Have It All Your Way (1969)
(N) Todd Adelman “Ghost Train” from Highways & Lowways (2015)
Strange Americans “Engine” from A Royal Battle (2012)
Papa Juke “When Flood Waters Came” from When Flood Waters Came (2013)
AdrienneO “Take It In” from Lines EP (2014)
Foxfield Four “Weatherman” from Weatherman EP (2013)
Pandas & People “Out to Sea” from SpokesBUZZ Vol V: Band Together (2015)
(D) Juno What?! “Stranger” from Stranger (2015)(D) Modern Suspects “Told You So” from Modern Suspects (2015)
You Me and Apollo “Ghosts” from Sweet Honey (2014)
John Oates “Stone Cold Love” from Good Road to Follow (2014)
John Gunther’s Safari Trio “Sisters” from Surrender (2013)


The Samples “Heaven” from Rehearsing for Life (2005)
Acoustic Junction “Think About It” from Acoustic Junction (1995)
(D) John Statz “Any Town Will Do” from Tulsa (2015)
Leftover Salmon “Walkin’ Shoes” from Aquatic Hitchhiker (2012)
Houses “Me & Mr Kelly” from Summer (2009)
Danielle Ate the Sandwich “Faith In a Man” from Like A King (2012)
Richie Furay “We Were the Dreamers” from Hand In Hand (2015)
(D) Analog Son “What It Is?!” from Stomp and Shout (2015) Rob Roper “Me” from Misfit (2011)
Josh Quinlan Quintet “Left Then Right” from Mountain Time Standards (2011)

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Please visit my friends’ sites.  They keep this thing going.  

colorado case logoColorado Case Company a Fort Collins based, Colorado family owned business specializing in insulated soft cases, gig bags, case covers and rigid cases for most instruments, including hard to fit instruments.

SpokesBuzz Fort Collins logoSpokesBUZZ, a Colorado non-profit with a mission to develop the professionalism of artists, promote and connect progressive cultural destinations, amplify music scenes, and grow local economies.  See event calendar for Spokesbuzz band shows.

mishawakaThe historic Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Northern Colorado’s Musical Playground, and seriously one of the most badass music venues in the state.


kgnu logoYou’ve only got a couple of days left to get in on this job opening … KGNU Community Radio, broadcast from Boulder and Denver, Colorado, and streamed online, seeks a full-time Station Manager to lead their nonprofit broadcast and online media organization. See for required and desired qualifications. Please email your application to by March 5, 2015. No phone calls, please. KGNU is an EEOC employer.

logo-openairOpen Air 1340 is now Open Air 102.3FM.  And if you haven’t listened, and you’re under 40 and/or you’re into music that you probably have never heard of before, this is a remarkable addition to the FM dial in the Denver metro – extending up just north of Longmont.

KUNC 2Congrats to former Fort Collins Coloradoan reporter Stacy Nick who got laid off at one gig to land another equally impressive role as Culture Arts & Music reporter for 91.5FM KUNC.  On Feb 26th, she posted, “Attn Colorado bands headed to ‪#‎SXSW2015‬: If you haven’t sent in a copy of your latest CD to KUNC yet, do so now. We’re going to be highlighting a bunch of you in the coming weeks. KUNC, 1901 56th Ave. Suite 200, Greeley, CO 80634 ‪#‎COMusic‬

support local culture logoArtists Wanted for Support Local Culture Support Local Culture is a joint venture between KRFC 88.9 FM and Noosa Yoghurt. The program provides Northern Colorado arts and culture nonprofit organizations and individual artists with an opportunity to promote themselves through KRFC.  MORE


TOP 40 Spins February 2015

Our TOP 3 this month are exceptional in the number of stations and frequencies cuts from the release were heard on.  Of the 15 stations surveyed, the top 3 appeared on 8, 9, and 7 stations respectively.  No other titles this month appeared on more than 4 stations surveyed.  Of the 15 station/shows surveyed, 8 did not have even the minimum 10 titles necessary to be reflected in the STATION by STATION breakouts.

235 titles tracked – 8 TOP 40 DEBUTS / 16 Adds to tracking
Titles tracked = released between Sept 2013 and Feb 2015
109 (47%) titles identified as played at least once in the reporting period
Stations/shows surveyed: 15
(CC) = Colorado Connection
(D) = album/ep/single debut on chart
(R) = re-enter
[date] = Date added to reporting list

bill frisell_guitar in the space age(1) 1. Bill Frisell - Guitar In the Space Age(Okeh Records) Instrumental [18-Nov-14]
(3) 2. Hot RizeWhen I’m Free(Thirty Tigers) Bluegrass [6-Sep-14]
(15) 3. Chris Daniels & the Kings - Funky To the Bone (Moon Voyage) Blues / r&b / funk [15-Jan-15]
(11) 4. Brothers Keeper - Todd Meadows (8150 Records) Rock [20-Dec-14]
(8) 5. Jeff Austin - The Simple Truth (Yep Roc) Rock / bluegrass [1-Jan-15]
(18) 6. Land LinesThe Natural World (self) Indie/New Alternative [31-Jan-15]
(2) 7.  Leftover Salmon -High Country (LoS) Rock / country-rock / bluegrass [8-Nov-14]
(5) 8. Various - SpokesBUZZ Compilation V: Band Together (SpokesBUZZ) Variety [20-Dec-14]
(4) 9. Ark Life- The Dream of You & Me (Greater Than Collective) Rock / folk [28-Jun-14]
(23) 10. Reed FoehlLost in the West  (NeverFoehl Records) Folk / singer-songwriter [13-Sep-14]
(10) 11. The String Cheese Incident – Song in My Head (SCI Fidelity) Rock / jamband [12-Apr-14]
(27) 12. You, Me and Apollo – Sweet Honey  (self) Indie/New Alternative [26-Apr-14]
(D) 13. Paul MullikinTime Is Now (self) Jazz/Instrumental [1-Feb-15]
(D) 14. Selasee & the Fafa FamilyTime for Peace (self) World / reggae [30-Jan-15]
(33) 15. Ben Markley-Clint Ashlock QuintetThe Return (Dazzle Jazz) Jazz/Instrumental [22-Nov-14]
(12) 16. Euforquestra – Fire (self) Funk / jamband [22-Feb-14]
(D) 17. Nathaniel RateliffCloser EP (Mod y Vi Records) Indie/ Folk [28-Jan-15]
(13) 17. Strange AmericansThat Kind of Luster(self) Rock [23-Aug-14]
(7) 18. TennisRitual in Repeat (Communion Records) Indie/New Alternative [14-Aug-14]
(R) 19. Young AncientsY/A (self) Americana [22-Feb-14]
(21) 20. The Motet- The Motet (self) Urban Contemporary /  funk [4-Jan-14]
(D) 21. Rose Quartz - Axis of Love (self) Pop / electronic [1-Feb-15]
(R) 22. Big Head Todd & the MonstersBlack Beehive (Shout! Factory) Rock / blues [25-Jan-14]
(R) 23. Dianne Reeves - Beautiful Life (Concord) Urban Contemporary / jazz / soul [11-Feb-14]
(R) 24. Blake Brown & American Dust Choir“3” (self) Rock [23-Aug-14]
(D) 25. Danielle Ate the SandwichThe Drawing Back of Curtains (Youngest Daughter Records) Folk [13-Jan-15]
(R) 25. Nathaniel RateliffFalling Faster Than You Can Run (Mod y Vi Records) Indie / New Alternative / Folk [1-Sep-13]
(D) 26. Gerald AlbrightSlam Dunk (Heads Up Music) Jazz/Instrumental [1-Sep-14]
(D) 26. Gipsy MoonAutumn’s Retreat (self) Folk [1-Feb-15]
(28) 27. The RailsplittersThe Railsplitters (self) Bluegrass [1-Oct-13]
(R) 28. Musketeer Gripweed - Floods and Fires (self) Rock / jamband [29-Mar-14]
(R) 29. Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore - Love Runner (Remington Road Records) Americana / folk [21-Dec-13]
(9) 30. Todd Adelman - Highways & Lowways (Porch Lantern Music) Rock / country-rock [8-Jan-15]
(R) 31. John OatesGood Road to Follow (PS Records) Pop / adult contemporary [18-Mar-14]
(R) 31. Katie HerzigWalk Through Walls (Marion-Lorraine) Pop / adult contemporary [26-Apr-14]
(19) 31. Snake Rattle Rattle SnakeTotem (self) Indie/New Alternative [8-Nov-14]
(D) 32. AMZY - We Don’t Walk, We Dance (self) Pop / rock [21-Feb-15]
(20) 32.  Calder’s RevolversSunday Morning (self) Rock / R&B [13-Jun-14]
(R) 32. The SeersDeaf in June (self) Rock [27-Sep-14]
(25) 33. Fierce Bad Rabbit - Living Asleep (self) Rock / pop [19-Jul-14]

6. Dana Landry Trio – Memphis Skyline
14. Elephant Revival- These Changing Skies
16. Pandas & People – S/T
17. Safe Boating is No Accident – Bonus Features
17. The Longest Day of the Year – Carapace
18. Born to Wander – S/T
22. Rob Drabkin – Little Steps EP
24. Eef & the Blues Express – All Rivers Run to the Sea
26. Fruition & Grant Farm – Meeting On the Mountain
29. Esme Patterson – Woman to Woman
30.  Kyle Hollingsworth – Speed of Life
30. The Sound and Color – S/T
31. Kate LeRoux – Phoenix
31. Richard Dean – Accidental Human
31. Sofie Reed – Red Hen
32. Ben Gallagher – Heart Shaped Rocks
32. J. Miller Band – One More High, One More Low

All Indians, No Chiefs – The Danger Mission EP
AMZY – We Don’t Walk, We Dance
Chemistry Club – Copia 1 – The Electric Hush EP
Clouds & Mountains – Slumber
CRL CRRLL – Good Influence
Dearling – Do You Love Me [single]
Dirty Few – Party or Don’t
Gipsy Moon – Autumn’s Retreat
H2 Big Band – It Could Happen
Juno What?! – Stranger
Land Lines – The Natural World
Patrick Lee – Remixes Vol 1
Paul Mullikin – Time Is Now
Peter Sommer – Narrando Historias
Plum – Hello Miss Yellow [single]
Rose Quartz – Axix of Love


[XX] = number of reported current year (Sept 2013-Feb 2015) titles
Stations monitored for spins = KAFM, KBUT, KDUR, KGNU, KOTO, KRCC, KRFC, KRZA, KSJD, KSUT, KUNC, KVNF, OPENAIR 1340, Radio 94.9 Colorado,  The Colorado Sound radio show and The Colorado Sound LIVE365

bill frisell_guitar in the space ageKAFM (Grand Junction) [17]
1. Bill Frisell – Guitar In the Space Age
2. Paa Kow – Ask
3. Hot Rize – When I’m Free
4. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky To the Bone
4. Quemando – Paradise

Hot Rize_When I'm FreeKDUR (Durango) [20]
1. Hot Rize – When I’m Free
2. Leftover Salmon – High Country
3. Born to Wander – S/T
4. Chain Station – Dancin’ With the Law
4. The String Cheese Incident – Song in My Head

Hot Rize_When I'm FreeKGNU (Boulder) [15]
1. Hot Rize – When I’m Free
2. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – Totem
3. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – The Drawing Back of Curtains
3. The Railsplitters – The Railsplitters
4. Ark Life – The Dream of You and Me

cary morin tiny townKRFC (Fort Collins) [+80]
1. Cary Morin – Tiny Town
2. Jeff Austin – The Simple Truth
3. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky To the Bone
4. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – The Drawing Back of Curtains
5. Bill Frisell – Guitar In the Space Age

jeff austin simple truthKUNC (Greeley) [17]
1. Jeff Austin – The Simple Truth
2. Ark Life – The Dream of You and Me
2. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky To the Bone
2. Hot Rize – When I’m Free
2. You, Me and Apollo – Sweet Honey

land lines the natural worldOPEN AIR 102.3 FM (Denver) [40]
1. Land Lines – The Natural World
2. Dirty Few – Party or Don’t
3. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – Totem
4. Ark Life – The Dream of You and Me
5. Plum – Hello Miss Yellow (single)

BROTHERSKEEPERThe Colorado Sound [40]
1. Brothers Keeper – Todd Meadows
2. Various – SpokesBUZZ Compilation V
3. Land Lines – The Natural World
4. Ben Markley~Clint Ashlock Quintet – The Return
4. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky to the Bone

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